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 harvesting tart cherries
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Tart Cherry Harvest

This interactive diagram shows how we harvest tart cherries.

Click on different parts of the map and a new window will open with photos and descriptions.

As you run the mouse over different parts of the map descriptions will appear.

We grow peaches, sweet cherries, and apricots near our house and fruitstand, and the tarts are planted back on higher ground.

 rows of tart cherry trees ready to harvest  let's take a closer look  the shaker in action  a close view of the shaking operation  Jim mans the shaker
 forklifts bring in empties  a traffic jam in the orchard  filling the tank with cherries  tank full of cherries  on to the next tree
 Jack King operating a forklift  picking up a full tank of cherries  hauling out the cherries  moving the shaker to the next row  finishing up another row
 action in the orchard  forklift making a trip
   another forklift view
 the cooling pad  cooling pad looking northeast
 the house  The Fruitstand
 apricot trees

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updated- April 30th, 2003
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