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Do I have to keep cherry juice refrigerated?

Yes. Our tart cherry juice concentrate is very stable during shipping, but must be refrigerated or frozen upon arrival. It won't expand or freeze solid, so you can even pour it directly from your freezer.

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Is cherry juice safe to ship?

The concentrate does just fine being shipped by UPS with no risk of the quality or safety being compromised.

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Is it expensive?

No, it is surprisingly affordable, especially when you order in quantity to offset the shipping charges. One quart of concentrate makes two full gallons of cherry juice. At $13.99 per quart, each gallon (or, 16 8oz. glasses) of ready-to-drink cherry juice costs you about $7.00. That's less than 45 cents per serving!

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Is the concentrate easy to use?

Yes. There's really not a wrong way to drink it. We recommend a mixture of 7 parts water to 1 part concentrate. For a single glass, mix 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) with 7 ounces of water. 1/2 cup of concentrate plus 3 1/2 cups water will make a quart of cherry juice. You can also drink straight by the tablespoon, or mix it with your favorite juice or beverage. We enjoy cherry lemonade in the summer. Tart cherry concentrate also mixes well with ginger ale, soda, or in a smoothie.

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What's the difference between tart and sweet cherries?

Sweet cherries are grown primarily for fresh eating. The tart cherry, also called "red tart", "sour cherry", or Montmorency, is widely used for canning and processing to make jams, preserves, and pies. Tart cherry pie filling is the number one pie filling sold in the U.S. The name "Montmorency" refers to the most widely grown variety of tart cherries. Tart cherries have a distinctive, bright red color. In fact, the same compounds that give tarts their color contain the antioxidant properties that researchers are investigating. While sweet cherries are grown in several parts of the country, tarts are grown primarily in northwestern Michigan. Michigan has 3.8 million tart cherry trees. All of the recent research into the health benefits of cherries is referring to tart cherries.

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How long can I keep it at home?

Cherry juice concentrate will keep up to 6 months in your refrigerator, and 12 months or longer in the freezer.

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Are there different qualities on the market?

We have seen some inferior quality concentrates on the market. If the juice is concentrated to any lower than a 68 degree Brix count, it is not highest quality.

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How about the taste?

The flavor is very refreshing, like cherry pie with no sugar. Tart cherries have a distinctive taste, and are a little sour, but most of our customers enjoy it without any sweetening. Some add a touch of honey, and in the fall we mix it with apple cider for a change of pace.

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Who is King Orchards?

We are a family farm with a fruitstand just outside our door where we sell the fruits and vegetables we grow. The farms are north of Traverse City along the north end of Torch Lake in view of Lake Michigan. We have 75 acres of tart cherry trees, as well as sweet cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines and apples. We are coming up on 20 years of operation and are happy to be farming. To learn more about us visit the orchard website, and if you get to Michigan stop in and say "hi".

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Can I order over the phone?

Sure. We now have a new toll-free number you can use, 1-877-937-5464. The easy way to remember it is UPS YES KING. "UPS" is how we ship, "yes" is what we hope you'll say, and "King" is who we are.

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How expensive is cherry juice to ship?

Surprisingly affordable. You can see on the chart on the shipping page that the more you order the less costly the shipping per quart.

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Are the health claims about cherries reliable?

So many outlandish claims are being made for the health benefits of various foods and supplements, that we have all become a little suspicious, and with good reason. For your assurance we have taken a number of steps: we are committed to offering only the highest quality; we have have presented on this site the documentation and research into the benefits of tart cherries; we avoid making claims and promising "too good to be true" results.

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Why do I see cherry juice advertised at such a higher price?

We feel that we are offering a fair price and are committed to maintain highest quality. The recent news stories about the benefits of tart cherries have created a strong interest from the public. As with any trend in popular opinion, there are, unfortunately, those who will try to make a quick profit at the expense of the innocent consumer.

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How quick is delivery?

We ship most orders the same day they are received. UPS typically takes one to two business days in the Midwest, 3 business days to the Eastern States, and 4 business days to the Western States and Florida. We can also fit up to 3 quarts in a flat rate priority mail box, which takes 2-3 days anywhere within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

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What's the nutritional content of cherry juice and dried cherries?
To view the Nutritional Facts label from our Cherry Juice Concentrate and Dried Cherries, click here

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What's the recommended dosage for cherry juice?

We recommend (based on what our customers tell us) one ounce per day of concentrate, or 8 ounces of juice mixed 7 parts water to one part concentrate.

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