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Global Food Issues
The center for Global Food Issues offers one of the best collections of resources available anywhere concerning the challenges of modern agriculture and the need for scientific farming. Their declaration transcends politics and takes us beyond catchy sound bites and slogans. Signatories include Nobel Peace prize winners Oscar Arias and Norman Borlaug, former U.S. Senator George McGovern, former U.S. Senator Rudy Boschwitz, Co-founder of Greenpeace Patrick Moore, and hundreds of distinguished nutritionists, researchers, plant breeders, agromonists and world leaders and politicians of every political stripe and from around the world. The links to the articles will open new windows in your browser. To return to this page close the new window.

Declaration in Support of Protecting Nature With High-yield Farming and Forestry
On April 30, 2002 , a broad coalition of food, environmental, farming and forestry experts -- including two Nobel Peace Prize laureates -- invited their colleagues worldwide to co-sign a declaration in favor of high-yield conservation. Their message was simple: “Growing more crops and trees per acre leaves more land for Nature,” said Dr Norman Borlaug, 1970 Nobel Peace Prize laureate and father of the Green Revolution.

“We cannot choose between feeding malnourished children and saving endangered wild species. Without higher yields, peasant farmers will destroy the wildlands and species to keep their children from starving. Sustainably higher yields of crops and trees are the only visible way to save both.”

Saving People and Wild Lands with Global Modern Agriculture
"What if a far-sighted UN Environmental Commission in 1947 had asked a panel of world farming experts to develop a model world agriculture designed to enhance consumer safety and environmental sustainability rather than profits? What would that safe and environmental ideal agriculture looks like today? How would it differ from today's profit oriented farming? What more would it do to protect the public? How would it preserve the natural resources, wildlife species, ecosystems and the quality of life? " - Dennis Avery

Feeding the World in the 21st Century:
The Role of Agricultural Science and Technology
"Despite the successes of the Green Revolution, the battle to ensure food security for hundreds of millions of miserably poor people is far from won." - Norman E. Borlaug
The Plus of Conservation: When Hunger Rules
"Desperate hunger is perhaps the most terrible drive that a person can have. When foods are readily available, when harvests are demonstrably sustainable, then people should not be deprived of opportunities to eat by others who "prefer" or "insist" that they not partake of a particular food source just because others wish they would not, or have the voting power to prevent them from doing so."

Would Organic Farming Unleash A Billion Cattle On U.S. Wildlands?
"Greenpeace, the Sierra Club and other U.S. environmental groups have long demanded that America shift to organic farming, giving up "man-made chemicals" that they say harm wildlife. The New York Times and Hollywood stars enthusiastically endorse organic food. Congress and government regulators are forcing U.S. farmers in the organic direction by restricting safety-proven pesticides, fertilizers, and farming systems. Unfortunately, our city-wise society may not have thought this countryside question all the way through." - Dennis Avery

Respect for Traditional Knowledge
"Respect for the globe's ancient, existing (and, in many cases, most imperiled) cultures is imperative. To promote environmentally sound trade and safeguard natural resources, decision-makers must listen to the ancient lore of terrestrial and maritime cultures whose histories and identities evolved from a symbiotic relationship with nature." - Eugene Lapointe

Dr. Truth
"What do you call an environmentalist who supports logging and condemns the protests against genetically modified foods?" An interview with Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace

Save the Forests, Not Each Tree
"The battle over the fate of the nation's forests-wilderness vs. wood-has been fought before, but it is once again raging as politically correct activists posture to preserve everything while using nothing." - Patrick Moore

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