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King Orchards - Family Farming
We are a family farm with a fruit stand just outside our door where we sell the fruits and vegetables we grow. (A real farm! We don't just call ourselves a farm for marketing reasons!)

Our fruit orchards are north of Traverse City, Michigan, along the north end of Torch Lake and within in view of Lake Michigan. We have over 130 acres of tart cherry trees, as well as sweet cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines and apples. We are coming up on 22 years of operation and are happy to be farming.

We are moving forward confidently, planting more cherry trees every year, and we are excited that the fruit we grow is helping so many people achieve better health in a safe and natural way.

Melatonin and Tart Cherries
New information has been coming out continuously about the benefits of fruit as part of a healthy diet, especially about our Montmorency tart cherries. As scientists understand the role that melatonin plays in aging and the prevention of a variety of diseases , it becomes more and more important to pay attention to diet for good health. Tart cherries, it turns out, are a natural source of dietary melatonin, and you will find a wealth of information here on this subject.
John, Betsy, Jim, Rose,
and the whole King family

Everybody is a "Farm"
Many are looking to create businesses based on the re-newed enthusiasm for fresh farm products, especially the cherry phenomenon, and we encourage you to do some thinking about whom to trust as your source. There are no regulations against someone with an office and a phone calling themselves "such and such farms" and hanging out a shingle (or a website) to sell "farm fresh" products.

There is a world of difference between the commitment it takes to successfully farm today, and the "commitment" it takes to get a business license and come up with a business name that sounds nostalgic and a catchy slogan that conjures up a romantic image of a farm.

As consumers, whenever we buy products we are in essence "investing" in the business we are buying those products from. Buying directly from the grower is a way to invest in the long-term availability and quality of tart cherry juice, and to help preserve and support the American family farmers and their communities.

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