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Northern Michigan Apples are famous for flavor and color and we ship the very best of our harvest every year to customers across the country. Betsy carefully hand selects each tree-ripened apple, and ships only the highest quality, premium fruit.

Now shipping apple gift boxes for the 2009 harvest season. Please visit to place your order.

A few notes about apple shipping:
Due to agricultural regulations, we can not ship fresh fruit to California.
Apple orders ship via UPS. To avoid weekend layovers, we ship most of our apple orders on Mondays.
Because they require separate packaging, we can not combine apple orders with orders for our tart cherry products. If you would like both, please place them as separate orders.

Please feel free to call us with any questions, or to place an order by phone at 1-877-937-5464


This is the apple everyone is talking about. It is very crisp and juicy and has a unique sweetness reminiscent of honey. Honeycrisp is an exceptionally good keeper. Honeycrisp was created at the University of Minnesota in 1960 by cross-pollinating Macoun and Honeygold varieties. It does best in northern regions and is now the most popular fresh-eating apple in the Midwest.



Another high quality gourmet dessert apple with an outstanding flavor. Gala has added a new dimension to the apple season, giving us a sweet early apple that has a beautiful appearance and keeps all season long. It ripens along with McIntosh, giving us two different superb choices to offer customers early to mid season. It is a great eating apple and cooks well, too. (The apple pie that took first prize at the Michigan State Fair last year was made with Gala). This is one of the varieties we have chosen for our high density orchard.



The incomparable and venerable McIntosh is our favorite traditional apple. Here in northern Michigan with our warm, sunny fall days and cool evenings we grow the best Macs in the country. It originated in nearby Ontario, and has historically been a strong regional apple. We grow more of this variety than any other. Excellent for eating fresh, in pies, salads, and sauce, you can't go wrong with the Mcintosh.



This a great kid's apple. It juicy and crunchy and not too big (perfect for small hands). Empire is a cross between Red Delicious and McIntosh, with the mild tartness and juiciness of McIntosh and the sweetness of Red Delicious. The popularity of the Empire is steadily growing in the United Kingdom, and the bulk of the demand is being met by Michigan growers. Developed in New York State, and named for the Empire State.



Jonagold is a newer variety that is a cross between Golden Delicious and Jonathon. A unique combination of Jonathon tartness and Golden Delicious sweetness, these are large apples that are beautiful in appearance. Juicy and crunchy, they are great for eating and are a good cooking variety, as well.




Year after year customers come back asking for that "mitzoo" or "muloo" or "isuzo"; they may not remember the name but they do remember the apple. It is the apple we recommend for those who want "hard and tart". When first picked they are green and hard like a Granny Smith, only better with more flavor. A Mutsu is also one of our best keepers. If stored in a cool basement or refrigerator they will keep past Christmas. However a Mutsu will change as stored to a sweet yellow apple and resemble a Golden Delicious. Mutsu is a newer variety that we are very excited about. It is a cross between Golden Delicious and Indo, and was developed and introduced in Japan. Similar to Golden Delicious, it is firmer, and tarter. Mutsu is a large that apple that keeps extremely well and sweetens as it ages while remaining firm.


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