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In the Fruitstand This Week

For the most up to date fruit stand information check out the King Orchards’ main page, or the “Our Fruits” page.

Harvest Schedule (approximate)

Asparagus- late May to early June

Strawberries-late June

Raspberries-late June until the first freeze (October)

Dark sweet cherries-early July
Light sweet cherries-early July
Tart cherries-mid July
Blueberries-mid July
Sweet corn-mid July

Apricots-late July, early August
Peaches-mid August
Nectarines-mid August

Paula Red apples-early September
Ginger Gold -early September
Bartlett pears-early September
Jersey Mac apples-mid September
Gala apples-mid September
Bosc pears -mid September
Stanley plums-late September

McIntosh apples-late September
Honeycrisp apples-late September
Jonathon apples-early October
Empire and Cortland apples-early October
Jonagold apples-early October
Golden Delicious-early October
Mutsu, Ida Red, Northern Spy-early October

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Tens of thousands of us suffer from chronic and often debilitating pain. Many strategies and products have emerged promising relief. Sorting through the claims and counter-claims is not easy.

We recommend that you become informed and excercise discretion when reading promises of miracle cures. The connection between diet and pain management has been solidly established, and research continues. As always, consulting closely with your physician is essential in any pain management program.

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