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Tart Cherry Harvest
Photo album page 4
The Operation

Once the cherries are ripe, we wait for a go-ahead from the processing plant. So many cherries ripen at the same time in northern Michigan, that the processing plants couldn't handle the volume if the various orchards' shaking schedules weren't coordinated.

The call has come in on a bright July morning in 2000, and we will tag along and watch the crew work.

Tanks readied

The tanks are filled with cold water, and then lined up for the forklifts to carry them into the orchard.

In the background you can see a flatbed truck waiting, and the fruit stand.

tanks filled and ready

The forklifts follow the shaker into the orchard with tanks of water for the cherries.


Carrying tanks into the orchard

Here is a forklift headed out to the orchard to pick up cherries.

Sloping ground provides good air and water drainage for the fruit trees, but presents a challenge when carrying 2000 pound loads of cherries a half mile or more.

It is about 10 am, with a temperature of 65 degrees and no wind. Perfect for taking photographs. We can hitch a ride on this forklift out to where they are shaking.

tank headed into the orchard
Strategy session

While the crew goes to work, Tom King explains the plan for the day to Casey, the driver.

Tom King explains
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