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Canadian Orders

We can ship cherry juice concentrate to Canada by mail.

Total charges:

One quart - $35.19 ($13.99 plus $21.20 shipping)

Two quarts - $51.93 ($27.98 plus $23.95 shipping)

Three quarts - $65.92 ($41.97 plus $23.95 shipping)

Four quarts - $92.46 ($55.96 plus $36.50 shipping)

Five quarts - $111.25 ($69.95 plus $41.30 shipping)

Six quarts - $130.04 ($83.94 plus $46.10)

One case (12 quarts) - $219.00 ($144.00 plus $75.00 shipping)

Please call our toll free number, 877-937-5464, to place your order by credit card, or mail your order with your credit card information to
King Orchards
4620 M-88
Central Lake MI 49622.


Visitors to our orchard from Quebec and Ontario this summer.

Click on the pictures below to learn more about our Montmorency tart cherry products.

 cherry juice Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

Dried Cherries

Tart Cherry Capsules

Pie Cherries

Cherry Jams and Salsa

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